being thankful

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


This past week has been really great. It has had its fair share of ups and downs, but it has been great.

This Sunday it was a little hard as we went from door to door and it seemed that no one wanted to come to church with us even though they promised us that they would. We did show up to one of our investigators and he was all ready to go. A lot of times when we show up they are just starting to get ready and we have to wait forever, but he was all ready to go. As we showed up to church we were happy that he was there but a little saddened that all of our other investigators did not want to receive these blessings in their lives. We went to the house of N, our recent convert, to try to see if we could get him and his wife to come. When we passed by, he was working so he could not go, but we asked if she would go with us. She explained that she had a few things that need to get done and she couldn’t go. After we explained that she could do them after, she finally decided to go with us. It was really rewarding to have her go to church with us.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission, to help others come unto Christ. I am so grateful for the opportunity to watch the people of Nicaragua see blessings and miracles in their lives that come through the Gospel. I love Thanksgiving because we have the chance to be grateful and think about all the blessings we have in our lives.

Love you all and hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Elder Wagstaff

  • How are you doing? How was your week? Things are going great! This week has had its set of struggles, but everything is going great!
  • What is the best thing that has happened this week? I was really excited when one of our investigators decided to go to church.
  • Any fun celebrations for Thanksgiving? For Thanksgiving we will be having a small lunch/dinner. We will be having chicken, pie, potatoes, rolls – we will be eating with the APs and the other office secretaries, at our home.
  • Snowbasin opened today. It’s weird to think that winter is coming. I’m sure it is even stranger for you to think about. Weird to think Snowbasin is opening. What winter?? haha (It’s 93 degrees in Managua today.)
  • Did you get a pday today? What have you done? I did get a pday, we just pretty much relaxed in the house and went to the nike store they just barely opened. It was just an average US store. Not anything I need right now.
  • Can you believe you have been a missionary for 16 months now? What do you think about it? That is so crazy!!!! It honestly stresses me out. The time has gone by so fast.

a week of miracles

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It has been a really awesome week. We have been working hard and have been able to see the fruits of our work.


This week we had a few baptisms. We baptized one of my favorite converts that I have had in the mission. A few weeks ago I wrote about a family that we met a few weeks ago at about 9:20 in the street. The father of that family got baptized. It has been so awesome to see his progression and all the miracles that he has seen in his life since he started hearing what we had to say. For example, he opened up a call center that he was not planning on opening up until January. He now has 15 people working for him and even bought a car. He explains that his family has also seen so many blessing. It’s awesome to see how the gospel can make people happy.

We had interview this week with President and he put the challenge with us that we start to wake up at 5 a.m. every day to study. It can be really hard studying in the office because after about 9 o’clock in the morning there is no free time. So that will be a pretty awesome challenge.

Love you all and hope you all have a great week.

Elder Wagstaff

  • How are you doing? What has happened this last week? Things are going great. This past week has been awesome. We baptized one of my favorite people I have met in the mission. He is just really down to earth. He always talks about the importance of families and is so much different than any other person I have met. Today was a little crazy because we did not get pday but things are going great. There were interviews that are going on in the mission so I was helping out with that. With pday we will just have to wait till next week. But everything is going good.
  • What is something you have learned from interviews with President? One thing that President put as a goal for us is that we start to get up at 5 every morning to study. In the office it is extremely hard to study because there is something always going on.

q & a

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Do you have any free stickers???

Do you have any free stickers???

Sorry we are limited on time, we got to go teach. But love you so much and thank you so much for the package of the tee (shirt) and snacks. Love them.

  • What’s new today? How are you doing? What has happened this week? Everything is going great. Still workin hard.
  • What has been the most rewarding thing for you this week? Watching the gospel click with some people.
  • Are you holding up ok? I feel like I am doing pretty good. I feel like I have become numb to being tired haha. But I am doing really good.
  • How are your investigators? We put their names on the temple prayer roll. Thank you so much. They are all planning on getting baptized this week so thank you so much.
  • Have you noticed what makes the biggest difference in conversion for someone who is learning about the church? I would have to say the Book of Mormon is a huge factor in the conversion process. Also if they complete with their commitments.
  • Describe each of these things about Nicaragua and your mission in one word:
    • food – different
    • people – loving
    • culture – chill
    • weather – hot
    • transportation – crazy
    • shopping – cheap
    • mission – awesome
    • companion – funny
    • office – learning
    • President Russell – hard working
    • Hermana Russell – loving
  • How is the mission different than you expected from when you first got your call and were getting ready to go to now that you are living it? It is different in the fact that I didn’t think I would get this little of sleep but it’s awesome. I love it so much.

enjoy the moment

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One thing that I have learned this past week is you have to enjoy the moment.

I feel like we often focus too much on the past and also too much on the future. Now I am not saying that we shouldn’t talk about past experiences or we shouldn’t plan, but that we should enjoy the time we are in now. I feel that a lot of time our lives get stressful or we have a lot of things that need to get done and we often think that it will be so much better in a week or a month. We often forget that and don’t focus on what we are learning and the experiences we are having in that moment. One thing that I feel we often forget is that when times get hard or stressful is when we should just enjoy the moment. We just need to laugh and enjoy what life puts in your way.

New and Old Be where your feet are!

New and Old
Be where your feet are!

For example, today I bought a new pair of shoes. I was really excited to try them out and see how they worked. When I got back to the house there was only one shoe in the box. I looked around the box to see if the other one fell out. But I realized it had not. I was a little frustrated and ready to go back to the store and tell them that they only put one shoe in the box. The AP offered to go back with me and as we got in the car he said, “Will you get my wallet out of the glove box?” I opened up the glove box and there was my shoe. They had played a joke on me. It was hilarious. Something to lighten the mood in a stressful moment.

We just need to remember in Ether 12:6 that trials will help us become strong and will help us draw closer to our Savior.

Love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Wagstaff

Ether 12:6 – And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith. 

  • What would you say is your biggest physical challenge? When do you find your greatest spiritual strength? SLEEP!! haha. I honestly love talking to people. Even when they want to fight and argue, I love just staying calm and showing my love towards them.