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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This past week has been crazy busy, but really awesome.

We finished up all the Christmas preparations and everything for the most part went really well. I got to speak with my family which was really awesome to see how everyone was doing and all the new things that were going on at home.

S and me

S and me

This past week we started teaching a new investigator. His name is S. He is 83 years old and has a strong desire to learn more about our message. He went to church for the first time this past week and loved it. By the way, he walks really fast for how old he is. He is always so happy when we come over and visit him. He told us, “You two are the nicest people that I have met.” I have thought about how basic his life is, how little he relies on the help of others, but when he receives help, how grateful he is. I think that we all need to have this same attitude. Be grateful for whatever happens and take life as it comes.

I love you all so much and hope that everyone has a great new year.

Elder Wagstaff

the view of where we ate

the view of where we ate

I probably had my favorite meal that I have had in Nicaragua today. It was really expensive [over $20], but really good. Tell everyone that gave me money [for Christmas] how grateful I was for this awesome meal. It was from a really fancy restaurant. I had filet mignon and chicken wings.

  • How have the last few days been? Things have been really good. This is going to be a next couple of crazy weeks, but really fun. [The mission is going on an excursion for a day for reaching their baptism goal for the year.] San Juan del Sur is going to be so crazy with all the preparations that we will have to do. The mission has over 2060 baptisms.
  • What have been the top highlights of 2015 for you? It has been a very good year. Top highlight: 1. Serving the Lord
  • How will you be celebrating the new year? Any specific goals for 2016? Just a normal day of working hard. Not any specific goals yet, I will have to make a few, but more than anything else, just work hard.
  • Do you want me to send you a calendar for 2016? Don’t really want a calendar because don’t want to think about the second half of the year. 🙂

q & a

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

  • Happy Christmas Eve Eve! What have you done today? How are the festivities in Nica? How are you doing? It’s been crazy these last couple of days. We have multi zone conferences this week and on Monday we went to bed at 2 and got up at 5:30. The last one is tomorrow. Today we did a bunch of preparation for the multi zone conf tomorrow. We do all the behind the scenes setting up. It can be crazy stressful at times, but I am learning so much.
  • Have you received your Christmas packages yet? Yes I got two packages today!!! Thank you so much. I have not opened them yet but I am really excited. Thanks. I have been receiving a lot of letters. I also got the padded envelope with letters inside. Tell everyone that participated how grateful I am.
  • How is this year different from last year? Things are going great. I feel a lot more adjusted to mission life. I am getting along great with my comp. I am overall really happy. Tired, but happy. Will see you Friday. Love you.

new comp

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This week has been really awesome.

I have officially been with my new comp for a week now. He is so awesome. His name is Elder J and he is from California. He is a really hard worker and is really easy to get along with. He has a great sense of humor and we are always joking around. We have already had our fair share of laughs. This is going to be a really fun change with him.


This week we also had a really awesome experience because we had an investigator that is 16. Throughout our time with him he has been very diligent with completing with his commitments. He has been ready every time we have gone by to bring him to church. Every time we have asked him to read something whether it be a pamphlet…(folleto)? or something from the Book of Mormon he has read it and even marked the things he liked. He is also very excited to receive the priesthood. It has been such an awesome experience to teach him.

Love you all,

Elder Wagstaff

  • How has your week been? How is your new comp? How long do you think you’ll be together as companions? The last week has been really awesome. I love my new comp. I have been doing a lot of training with him. He is learning really fast. He is from California. I think I will be with him for one change because I am training him to take my job.
  • What’s been the best thing about this last week? The best thing from this past week is probably teaching with my new comp.
  • How are President and Sister Russell doing? President and Sister Russell are doing really great. They are working really hard.
  • How are your investigators? How is the ward? The investigators are good. We had a baptism this past week, but we are also looking for more investigators. Also the ward is doing good, but right now we don’t have a bishop because he is working in the states. haha
  • Have you received any packages or letters yet? I got the letter from the ward. Tell everyone I am so grateful. Also tell grandma and grandpa Wagstaff I got theirs too. But I have not received the packages yet.

q & a

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

when 80 boxes get shipped to the wrong place

when 80 boxes get shipped to the wrong place

There was a communication error with the people that were delivering all of the mission supplies. So we had to pile all the boxes in the truck. It is the mission truck. Really fun to drive. I don’t have time to write a weekly letter this week…

  • How has your week been? How did transfers go for you and everyone today? It’s been a little crazy as they usually are. I got a new comp named Elder J. My other comp went to Jinotepe. My new comp is way awesome. He has a little under a year in the mish. Don’t know a ton about him yet, but he is awesome.
Elder T and I

Elder T and me

  • Do you know much about the Christmas Skype – when you’ll get to do it? where you will do it from? etc? I am not sure much about the Skype details. We will get to do it from the office which will be really nice.
  • Have Elder and Sister S gone home? They know Sister G and have written a great blog over their mission. If you see them, tell them thanks from me! They went home Monday. Ya I told them I live 4 houses away from Sister G. They are pretty awesome.

Well, I got to go now, but love you tons and have a great week.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This week has been really awesome. Overall, things have gone really well and I continue to learn so much.


I had a really humbling experience this week. On Monday night we received a reference from Sister Russell that somebody need a Priesthood blessing. She gave us a few details that we need to know before we got there. She explained that someone from the states had a friend and their 4-month baby need a blessing. She will be having intensive heart surgery this week. I gave them a call first thing Tuesday morning and asked when a good time would be to stop by. When we went by their house, before we even knocked on the door, they came out running to greet us. They were very kind and very excited to see us. They explained their situation and the spirit was really strong. We went through and explained the power of a Priesthood blessing. They were very appreciative that we took the time to visit them and help them out. It was also really neat to see how much love they had for each other.

I am very grateful for Priesthood power. It is such a huge blessing to have the Priesthood in the earth today.

Love you all and hope you all have a great week.

Elder Wagstaff

  • How’s the week treated you? It’s been a really good week. A lot going on because it’s the end of the month. Things are going good.
  • What have you done today? Well I thought I would lay down and rest for a little bit. Four hours later I got up. haha You could say I was tired.
  • How was Thanksgiving? It was really good. We had chicken, potatoes, pie. It was pretty good.
  • Any idea of what transfers will bring for you? Do you think you’ll stay in the office? Will you be there for Christmas? There are always two definites to transfers: a lot of work and little sleep. It’s pretty much a 100% chance I will be here for Christmas.
  • Name three things you learned from Dad growing up that you have applied in your mission. Work hard, be obedient, be persistent.
  • Is there any kind of Christmas service you would like our family to focus on this month? Just look for little opportunities to give service.