8 month mark!!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Well I keep being reminded that today is my 8 month mark. Holy, the time flies.

This week we had the opportunity to have a conference with the north and the south missions. It was awesome to see everyone from the south and also see what the missionaries are like in the north. At the conference they talked a lot about the importance of this Gospel and the happiness that it brings. I also got to see all of my CCM buddies and talk about the experience that we have had. Good times.

ccm crew

ccm crew

This week was a little bit harder with the progression of our investigators. For whatever reason, Satan has been trying to work in their lives, especially this week. A lot of our investigators didn’t have the desire to go to church or complete with other important commitments. It’s kind of a bummer when people say that they will go to church, but when you pass by their house at 7:30-8 in morning they are either not there or can’t go for some dumb reason. One important quality here in the mission is patience. It can be very hard not to blow up in their faces sometimes. But we will have to work that much harder this week.

Now that I have had a little time in Las Colinas, I have really gotten a feel for what it’s like. I have heard that this area is one of the richest areas in the mission and also if not the biggest, one of the biggest areas in the mission. I am learning to love the people in this area and am so grateful to be serving here.

I am so grateful to be serving here in Nicaragua. I have learned so much, but also have so much to learn.

Hope you all have a great week.

Con un monton de amor

Elder Wagstaff

  • Congrats! Today marks 8 months! Can you believe it? 1/3 of your mission complete. How do you feel about it? List 8 things you have learned the most so far from being a missionary.
  1. God is real
  2. The atonement is for everyone
  3. The gospel brings happiness
  4. The importance of the Book of Mormon
  5. The importance of the Priesthood
  6. The importance of Prayer
  7. The importance of Fasting
  8. Everyone needs the Gospel
  • How have you personally changed in the last 8 months? What area in your life have you seen the greatest amount of growth? I feel like I am the same person who left 8 months ago, but who knows, maybe I have changed. The biggest growth has been my knowledge of the gospel. When I left I barely knew my favorite scripture.
  • What do you love most about the people of Nicaragua? What will you always remember about them? There are so many people here that are so kind. Even if they don’t want to hear about the gospel, they will often still listen.
  • How do you see the world differently since you’ve been in Nicaragua vs before your mission? I think that there are just so many people out there with so many different backgrounds, personalities, experiences…
  • What do you appreciate most about President and Sis Russell? I love how Pres. Russell understands the importance of hard work. Hermana Russell is very sweet spirited and is very loving.