July 4, 2016

This week has been really awesome!

It continues to rain a lot here. There have been many times at night when the road in front of our house has seriously been a river. We have seen old tires float by. It is pretty crazy. Sometimes I love the rain because it can be pretty refreshing during a hot, but here in Carazo when it rains I seriously get so cold. I never thought I would be so cold in Nicaragua – haha.

This week we have seen many miracles in the work. I will say it time after time that I have truly gained a testimony about the importance of fasting. I can’t think about a time when I have fasted and not seen a miracle. It is through our obedience and sacrifice that we see many miracles right in front of our eyes.

One thing that we have started is a member gathering in El Socorro (one of the areas I have been working a lot in). We invite investigators, members and recent converts to join us to share a short message. It really seems to be helping out to keep many active and to also strengthen testimonies.


I love this work!

Hope everyone has a great week.


Elder Wagstaff

  • How has your week been? What have you done today? Things are going good. We had a zone activity today. The sisters just put some games together to play for the 4th of July.
  • Which missionaries are traveling home with you next week? How are you feeling about it all? I know (Elders) S, H, A, R are traveling to Utah. (Elders) W, H, H, E, H, K are going other places. To be honest, it is a little stressful. Not sure how to feel.
  • Have you met your new mission president yet? I have not. Will be meeting him on Wednesday.
  • Do you think Elder J will stay in San Marcos? How is Elder M doing? I think J will stay. Elder M is doing good. All a learning process.
  • Any investigators we can pray for? How is J doing? Pray for V. J was doing really really awesome but he drank for the first time in over a month on Saturday so that was really hard!
  • In ten words or less, how would you summarize your last two years?
    • life changing
    • hard work
    • tired
    • miracles
    • testimony builder
    • long days
    • fast days
    • humbling
    • amazing
    • The Church is True!
  • In what ways have you overcome and found strength as a missionary? I have really just learned to value the importance of hard work. Found that in any hard moment that I can look to our Savior and be strengthened.