a new year

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Every year we have the chance to put goals and do everything we can to complete. I feel that often by the time that February rolls around that almost all the goals are left behind and that we put them on the shelf for the next year to come around. I feel that this really is such a great opportunity that we have to grow and develop more. Our potential can become so much higher to become someone so much better. We truly have the chance to change what we don’t like and be the person that we want to become. It is through repentance and God’s plan that we have the chance to change and become someone better. I know that if we work hard to complete with these things that we will see great miracles in our lives and that we will draw closer to our Heavenly Father.

Love you all,

Elder Wagstaff

  • What’s your week and day been like? Things have gone good. We had a baptism this past week. His name is A and his is a brother of one of our recent converts. Things are going great.
  • What is one thing you learned in 2015? I learned that when we put our faith in God that our lives are so much better.
  • What are you doing to prepare for your big excursion next week? The preparations right now are crazy. We have to think about everything we need to bring, how every second of every hour will be…it is pretty crazy. But it should be a good time.
  • Are you needing anything? No everything is good.