amazing week

Monday, February 2, 2015



This week has been so amazing.

My testimony of fasting and prayer has grown so much this week. I have seen the importance of fasting and prayer. One investigator that we have been working with forever has really been wanting to receive an answer to his prayers. His wife and daughter are members, and he also has a son that is on a mission. But, it has been really frustrating because he wants a dream or a vision. We have explained to him that there are many forms to receive an answer. We explained that one of the most common ways to receive an answer is through the Holy Ghost. But he has not been convinced, so we have been fasting and praying that he will receive an answer.

Tuesday morning during our companionship study we were studying about ways that we can receive an answer to our prayers and thinking about what we were going to tell him. When we got to the appointment with him, we started with a prayer and after started to explain that we would like to talk about the importance of prayer. I asked the question, “So how do you think we can receive answers to our prayers?” He started to explain a few ways that we could, but then started to explain how he has been thinking about how he wants to get married to his wife and get baptized. Elder B and I went crazy!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? We didn’t even give the lesson, he just expressed everything that we wanted to explain to him. It was so amazing.

My testimony has been strengthened so much this week. It has been a great week and we are still working.

“…And my soul hungered…” – Enos 1:4

Elder Wagstaff