another great week in paradise

September 15, 2014

I am always hot here. I am sweating so much and I always feel like I am sticky. The humidity here is so crazy. When I first stepped off the plane, I felt like I couldn`t breathe. But I know pretty soon I will be used to it.

This week for our service, we cleaned out a half drained pool. It was so much work and so tiring. The water was terrible. But I love giving service.

Today was like Christmas for me. We got to go to McDonalds!!! It was so good. Even though I’ve only been in Nica for 2 weeks, I already miss American food. It was so nice to eat something real.


real american food

Nobody here can get my name right. For whatever reason ‘Wagstaff’ is the hardest name in the world here. When I introduce myself they begin to say my name and then just start laughing. It’s pretty entertaining. So a lot of people in the ward just call me ‘Elder What`s Up’.

This week I had the amazing experience of witnessing my first baptism here. The girl’s name is Ashley and it was such a spiritual experience. I felt the spirit so amazingly strong. It is such a great experience to see families becoming closer through the gospel. I know that this gospel is true and it blesses lives, that through this gospel families become stronger. It’s these kind of experiences that make the hard days so worth it.


ashley’s baptism


I love my mission and there is no other place in the world I would rather be.

With Love,

-Elder What`s Up


Mom – I am so so happy to get your email! I loved it! How are you?

A – Things are great. I got the letter this week on 9-10.

Mom – Yay! You got the written ones? From all of us?

How are your nights? Are you able to sleep with the heat?

A – Yes the written one.

The nights are ok because we have fans.

Mom – That’s good. I mailed four letters…one from each of us.

How are the mosquitoes? Liz saw a huge, fast spider in the road last night. It looked like a tarantula, but with longer legs. How is the other wildlife?

A – I haven’t really seen much. We have lizards in our house but they’re good because they eat all the bugs. But it really isn’t bad where I am staying. I pretty much am staying in the ritz of nicaragua.

Mom – Wow! Send a pic of your interior. I’d love to see more.

How is the language coming?

A – This is my last email, but I will for sure take pics and send them. The language is slow but I know I just need to work harder.

Love you so much.

Remind me to talk about my camera next week. It’s not a big deal and everything is fine.

Love, your son