Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This week has been really awesome. Overall, things have gone really well and I continue to learn so much.


I had a really humbling experience this week. On Monday night we received a reference from Sister Russell that somebody need a Priesthood blessing. She gave us a few details that we need to know before we got there. She explained that someone from the states had a friend and their 4-month baby need a blessing. She will be having intensive heart surgery this week. I gave them a call first thing Tuesday morning and asked when a good time would be to stop by. When we went by their house, before we even knocked on the door, they came out running to greet us. They were very kind and very excited to see us. They explained their situation and the spirit was really strong. We went through and explained the power of a Priesthood blessing. They were very appreciative that we took the time to visit them and help them out. It was also really neat to see how much love they had for each other.

I am very grateful for Priesthood power. It is such a huge blessing to have the Priesthood in the earth today.

Love you all and hope you all have a great week.

Elder Wagstaff

  • How’s the week treated you? It’s been a really good week. A lot going on because it’s the end of the month. Things are going good.
  • What have you done today? Well I thought I would lay down and rest for a little bit. Four hours later I got up. haha You could say I was tired.
  • How was Thanksgiving? It was really good. We had chicken, potatoes, pie. It was pretty good.
  • Any idea of what transfers will bring for you? Do you think you’ll stay in the office? Will you be there for Christmas? There are always two definites to transfers: a lot of work and little sleep. It’s pretty much a 100% chance I will be here for Christmas.
  • Name three things you learned from Dad growing up that you have applied in your mission. Work hard, be obedient, be persistent.
  • Is there any kind of Christmas service you would like our family to focus on this month? Just look for little opportunities to give service.