busy week

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

So this week has been really awesome, but really busy.

This week there were a lot of deadline dates for projects that needed to be turned in. There are many times that I felt that I was drowning, but I got everything done. I am learning so much here and it’s such a great experience.

This week I had a really awesome experience. Some of my recent converts shared their testimonies during sacrament meeting this past Sunday. We challenged them earlier in the week to do it, but I honestly didn’t think that they would. It was such an amazing experience to see their growth and progress. They are such amazing people and always get really excited when we come over to share a message. Right after we finished fasting my comp and I each chugged a two liter bottle of orange juice. That is not something I recommend at all, especially coming off a fast. We felt so sick after, but it was a hilarious experience.  Good times in the mission, haha.

Well, this weeks challenge is to write down your testimony or share it with someone, and to chug a two liter bottle of orange juice.

Love you all and hope all is well.

Elder Wagstaff.

  • You’ve said you’re learning valuable life lessons in the office.  How is that experience helping you most?  Well I am learning some things that I have never experienced before. For example, this past week has had a lot of deadline dates for projects that need to be finished so I have been working a lot with those types of things. I think this will help to figure out what a real job setting is like.
  • So glad to hear you got your package. Is there anything else you’re needing that we could help you with? What about the Nica culture have you grown to appreciate the most? What have you learned from the people? A lot of people here will listen to you no matter what. I have learned to appreciate the culture a lot more here and understand the background of the people.

Elder Wagstaff

  • Is there anyone we could be praying for? How are your investigators?  Ya you could pray for T, A, J, M, and Fam. W.  All of these people are really awesome investigators that we are teaching right now.
  • How have you seen the Atonement help those you’re serving? The Atonement is such a big part in our lives. A lot of people think that the Atonement is only to be clean of our sins, but really it plays so many more parts in our lives. To know that every pain and hard experience that we feel in this life…Jesus Christ has felt that same feeling.
  • How has being in Nica helped you grow closer to our Savior? I think I have truly learned to put my faith in the Savior. I really couldn’t do any of this without Him.
  • Do you realize you have less than a year until your release date? July 5th. How does that make you feel? Ya my comp mentioned that this week. That is so insane. The time goes by so quickly. Have not seen any big snakes lately luckily.
  • Are there any experiences throughout your mission that have really stood out to you? Or investigators that you’ve grown especially close to? That’s a big question… I guess just finding people to teach that are positive is really awesome. I have grown close to a lot of my converts in a lot of different ways. It’s awesome to learn to love these people.
  • Did you do something to celebrate the 4th of July? Haha that was a pretty funny experience. We got up and said the Pledge of Allegiance to a tiny little flag.