ccm life

August 22, 2014

This week was business as usual.

Started off the with another great Sunday. This week I had the opportunity to bless the Sacrament in Spanish. It was a little weird not knowing if you are saying the right words, but it was a way cool experience. We also had a Devotional on Sunday and for it we watched a talk by Elder Holland. He said something along the lines of, “You have to be the best missionary this world has had.” It was an amazing and really inspiring talk. It makes me want to work that much harder. I love Sundays in the CCM.

This week I gave a couple of ¨no script¨ lessons on having Faith in Jesus Christ and The Plan of Salvation. I am sure that to someone who speaks fluent Spanish that I probably sound like a 4 year old, but it felt really good to get my point across without using a script.

Not a whole lot of stuff happened this week besides getting up and going to study.

The days to entering the mission field are getting near. I love the CCM so much and am learning a ton, but at the same time I want to teach and learn to love the people of Nicaragua.

Sorry I don´t have a lot of stuff to write about this week, but I want you all to know how much I truly love you all.
Elder Wagstaff


front door view


thanks so much


Mom – How’s it going?
Guess what, I have managed to protect your clothes and things for nearly a month! With the exception of Abbi wearing your yogotogo shirt to bed, nothing has been touched!

A – That is awesome. I thought for sure everything would be in their closets by now.

Mom – So what’s new? How is your day going? It is so great to almost talk to you… It sounds like things are going really well.

A – Day has gone great, just the usual p day, get up, do laundry and write email so far.

Dad – Every day she waits for breakfast.


A – It looks like oakley has figured out how the chairs work. and it looks like she has gotten a lot bigger.

Mom – PLEASE snap a pic and send me your mug…I need to see you!

A –


love you

ya send me the instructions and if i have a minute i can upload the pics later

my p day is next wednesday

Dad – Your haircut looks good. Just don’t weigh in, you may have lost 5 pounds of hair.

A – haha for sure. I found a scale and after eating tons and tons of food i have only gained about a pound

Mom – You look SO happy and cute/handsome! Is your hair getting lighter? You are my favorite boy!

Is there anything you need or want?

A – I think my hair might be a little lighter.
I cant think of anything i need right now but thanks so much for the donuts and rootbeer we had another party in out room last night.

Dad – Mom freaking out (as she responds while you’re online)


A – that’s funny to see mom typing

Mom – We are glad we found a place that will deliver you treats. Not so sure we will be so lucky in Nicaragua, so we are loading up while we can. Do you want something different for your treat next week? or are you liking the donuts?

Also, why is your p-day changing to Wednesday? Any more word on when you leave for Nicaragua?

A – You dont have to send me a treat this week.
I still havnt heard much on nica but i think i find out this week

Mom – I was just wondering if your visa and everything was all good to go. Do you get homesick much? Or are things pretty good?

It is like Christmas being able to communicate with you. I wish Abbi and Liz could be here too!

A – occasionally i get a little home sick but i found the best cure is to just work harder. but overall things are awesome

Mom – I am glad you are able to figure out how to deal with missing home. I am going to do the same and work a little harder too…

So what is the MTC food really like? What are you eating mostly?

A – Don’t need anything right now. I am just about out of time.

But the mtc food is great. Occasionally there is a sketchy item but overall its just cafeteria food.
I will try to talk to you again on wednesday.
Love your son,
elder Wagstaff