crazy week

Monday, June 27, 2016

This week has been super crazy busy.

On Tuesday, I went to Managua to have my final interview with President Russell before he leaves. It was a neat experience to listen to the advice he has and to learn from him.

On Wednesday, we had a leaders meeting with the leaders of the mission in Managua again. We talked a lot about the importance of working with members. It was really awesome to learn about how truly important members are in this work.

On Thursday, we had a meeting with President Russell and the stake president to talk about what we could do both as members and missionaries to work better together to have more success.

On Friday, Elder J and I led the zone meeting and we talked about the zone goals and things that we need to do better as a zone.

Super crazy busy week full of meetings.

This week I also had the special opportunity to see some recent converts pass the Sacrament. It was a really special experience to see them progress. I am grateful for the opportunity to renew my baptismal covenants every week. I am grateful for this time to remember our Savior Jesus Christ.

Love you all so much!

Elder Wagstaff

  • How are things? Things are going good.
  • Have you had to say goodbye to President and Sister Russell? Supposedly Pres and Sis Russell are still here but no one knows when they leave. My prediction is tomorrow, but not really sure.
  • Have you met your new mission president? We have not met the new president yet.
  • What kind of advice did President have for you in your last interview with him? My interview was a really awesome experience. He gave me a lot of advice of what I need to do to do well in school, work and family.
  • Tell me about each of your comps. What are they each like? What are their strengths? What have you learned from each of them? My comps are doing great! Elder J is doing awesome and I am really grateful to work with him again. He is hilarious. Elder M is a very hard worker and has the determination to succeed. Elder C had changes yesterday. Not for anything he did, but to fill another spot in the mission.
  • How are your investigators? Investigators are doing good. We are teaching someone named Jose that is progressing very well. He is really awesome and we are excited to see him progress.
  • What have you done today? What do you do to try and unify your zone? How big is your zone? We had a zone activity and went to the church to play basketball and soccer. We have 20 missionaries in our zone. Just do anything to get them excited.
  • What are you eating these days? Eating a lot of rice and beans – haha. Feeling pretty good.
  • How is Elder M doing as a new missionary? He is doing really well. He is doing good and working hard.
  • When you look back at being a new missionary in Nica, what kinds of things would be especially helpful to know? What provides the best support in adjusting? What did you especially like or appreciate? Just more than anything, understanding that attitude is everything! Just knowing that with time, everything will come. More than anything, just self patience. I just loved the weekly emails.
  • How has the weather been? Super rainy