Thursday, October 15, 2015

So this week has overall been pretty awesome.
The last week we had a lot of crazy stuff going on here in the office and at times it was a little stressful. But this week has been a lot more manageable and things are not as crazy now.
Sorry everyone that I was not able to write yesterday…we went to Mombacho with President Russell. Mombacho is one of the volcanoes here in Nicaragua and it was so amazing. The whole experience was so awesome. While we were up there we did a bunch of hiking around and after had a BBQ. It was so much fun.

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I have been thinking about the importance of enduring. There are many times in our lives when we think that we should stop and we cant go on. This week I had a pretty awesome experience. It was late at night and it was close to 9 o´clock and were thinking about calling it a night and heading back to the house. As my comp and I were talking about what we should do I told him, ¨Let´s get a few more contacts before we go home.¨ As we contacted a few more people we were not having much lucky and not a lot of people wanted to listen to us because it was getting late. Then I saw a family walking in the street. I told my comp that we should go contact them and we did. We started to get to know them a little bit and we set up an appointment. When we went to go teach them we found out that the man spoke English. He had lived in the states for many years of his life. It was really weird speaking and teaching in English. We got to know him a little better and he was very receptive to our message. The next visit we had with him we explained that our message was centered in the families and we invited her to listen also. She was also very receptive. It makes me wonder, what would have happened if we would have taken the easy way out?…gone home to rest and finish off the day? During the multi zonas that we had the previous week I really liked something that President Russell said, ¨Many miracles happen at 9 o´clock.´´ Referring that you are here on the Lord’s time and you need to give it your all. I know that if we are diligent and we give it our all we can see many miracles in our lives.

Love you all and have an awesome week!!

Elder Wagstaff