happy thanksgiving

Monday, November 24, 2014


So it was overall a good week, a little weird, but good.

On Saturday we did service. There are some people in our ward that are pretty rich and have a pretty big house. They also have a pool. So we had the opportunity to help drain rain water out of the pool. It was all done by buckets and it took forever, but it was good to serve.

This week I also saw something really weird. As we were walking in the street I saw some school kids cutting the grass just outside their school. But, it was not done with a lawn mower or some other tool like hedge cutters, but done with a machete. I was thinking that no one in the states would ever let this happen and if it did happen someone would be fired. But it’s just a perfectly normal day in Nica.

I feel like this past week has been a little slow because my comp that I have been working with for my time in Nica is going home this week. So this week I feel like I have been sitting and waiting for end of mission interviews and other stuff to get done. But it’s all good. He has been such a great comp to me and I have learned so much from him. I will be a little sad to see him go, but change is good and I need to be grateful in every circumstance.

Love you all so much and have a great Thanksgiving!!!

-Elder Wagstaff




Mom – You sound so good! I am so grateful for your attitude and all you are doing to have a great experience. With your companion going home, do you think you will be transferred? Or will you stay there?

A – think the odds are i will have transfers but anything can happen

Mom – What day are transfers? The reason I ask is that the woman in your ward that came to the states…her daughter contacted me and I sent a package to her mom. She will be leaving to go back to Nica/your ward on Thursday. She has a package for you from us so I need to help her know what to do with it.

A – wednesday….

but i did get my backpack and halloween card and dear elder

Mom – Finally! Yeah for deliveries! Who cares if it’s a little late. How do you like the backpack? So I guess there is another package headed to the mission office and then the one I sent to California. 

So if you get transferred, any idea of where you would like to serve?

A – love it thanks so much. and i loved the treat in the letter that was an awesome surprise.

I have no idea what to do with the package. maybe have her sent it to the mission office when she gets there???

But i have heard of a few places that are really awesome here but i love my area a lot. But i have heard mosiah, granada…

Mom – Oh that’s good. I’m glad that you like it. We were laughing because we thought that the fruit leather in the envelope wouldn’t get there because people would think it was money. Haha.

I will call the lady’s daughter and tell her that you may be transferred. I will have her send it or take it to the mission office. Then you can get it when you meet the office people again.

I cannot believe that students are allowed to wield machetes during class time. That would never happen in the United States with lawsuits and potential risk for harm to others. Sounds like anything goes in Nicaragua!

Did you know that you have been on your mission this week as long as you had your mission call before you left? That’s pretty exciting.

A – Thats pretty weird but a little scary because there is so much more i want to do

Mom – Time flies! Abbi reminds us that you are one sixth of the way through your mission. You have been out for four months!

Abbi also wants to know how your experience was getting your wisdom teeth out. She is taking a poll and is getting very mixed reviews.

A – tell her that for me it was not bad at all. first day i played wii all day. the next day i skipped school and went golfing with dad. the next day i went snowboarding. so it was not bad at all.

Mom – Hopefully she will take after you!

Is that your zone? I love the pictures they look like you guys are having a lot of fun!

A – ya its our zone

Mom – I love getting your pics. Your smile melts a mama’s heart. Thanks for sending them. What pic did you like the most from this last week?

A – liked the one of our crazy district and the car one.

But kind of a random question… Do you have a pic of my baptism. If you have it handy could you send it over email. I think it would help the investigators relate more.

Mom – I love those pics too! 

I will do some checking on a pic of your baptism. Were you baptized on the same day as BB? Maybe I can see if J has one too.

A – perfect thanks so much

Mom – Is there anything you need or would like to have? Anyone we should be praying for specifically?

A – right now i think that im good. maybe pray for J and W

Mom – Absolutely! Are they members or investigators?

Abbi wants to know what the best thing is that you have eaten…

Do you do anything for Thanksgiving, even though they don’t celebrate the holiday?

A – investigators

i honestly love the gallo pinto but mcdonalds is pretty awesome

i think we have a thanksgiving lunch here

Mom – Glad you are having a thanksgiving celebration. It’s funny how something that you didn’t really love before (mcdonalds) has a whole new perspective. Super glad you love the gallo pinto/local food. 

It will be exciting to hear about your upcoming changes and whether or not you stay put. Please let your comp know that I appreciate him for allowing you a great first experience in Nica. Let him know I am grateful.

How is the language feeling to you?

A – still little by little

Mom – I am proud of you!!!

Both grandparents are wanting to give you gifts for Christmas. I told them that maybe the best thing would be to put $ in you acct to spend on pizza or burgers or things you need. Your thoughts?

A – ya that sounds good. how do you feel about me buying food and stuff with my card. because pretty much every monday thats what im doing

Mom – That is totally fine! Spend what you need to.

What kind of stores are they…how would you describe them? 

A – here in managua its pretty normal but ive heard its pretty weird in other parts of nica with hardly anything

Mom – That sounds like what I would expect. Can you buy pretty much anything and everything in Managua?

How’s your stomach been? Have you been sick at all?

A – There have been a few times when i have felt sick but not too bad. It was kind of funny one time i was throwing up right after we contacted someone but we just kept working after. but overall pretty good

Mom – It’s good to hear that overall you have been healthy. Funny and horrible that you can’t stop the work even when you are throwing up. That’s my boy.

With your comp leaving 1) what is one thing you really appreciate or like about him? 2) what is one thing you have learned from him? 3) what is one thing you’ll miss?

A – he is a really hard worker and can be really funny/chill at times

just to always have a good attitude

just a comp i get along with because i know its not always this way

Mom – You should make sure you tell him all of that. He sounds like a great guy! Again, thank him for me!

How are the other comps doing? Do you relate well to them?

A – ya they are usually good but have their ups and downs for sure but for the most part are awesome

Mom – Of course, that is how life goes. Hopefully overall everything is more positive than not.

Do you have much contact with Elder S? What are you hearing about his experience?

A – I have seen him 2 times at meetings but i write him every week he is doing really good

Mom – That’s good to hear. Glad that he is doing great! Hopefully the two of you can stay in touch throughout your missions.

Is there anything you want to know about things back here at home that we have overlooked telling you?

A – no not really but i need to go now love you tons and hope you have a great week.

If there is anything i can do from this end let me know.