it’s been a wet week!!

October 13, 2014

So this week has been super exciting!!!

The first reason why it has been a wet week is because it has been raining a ton here. I have very mixed feelings about the rain. The rain is nice because it’s a chance to cool down. As you know, it can get extremely hot here and when it rains it can be super refreshing. When it rains, it’s nice because when we have an appointment, they usually always let you in because they feel a little bad for you. The reason why I don’t like it is because it is extremely hard to contact in the rain. There is never anyone in the street to contact, so it’s really hard to find new investigators. But, overall, the rain is nice. At the beginning, on the mission, I hated the rain because I felt that you couldn’t do anything in the rain. But I have grown to appreciate it.

The second reason why it has been a wet week is because I had the chance to baptize!!!!


It was such an amazing experience. It was one of our investigators named L. He is about 25 and is such an awesome person. Most of his family are recent members, but for whatever reason he decided not to become a member until now. This family is so amazing and they remind me a little bit of home.


But I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to baptize this amazing person. To be honest, I was a little nervous to say the prayer in Spanish, but it all went well. When it was all said and done, the spirit was so strong. It was amazing!!! This is for sure my favorite moment of the mission thus far.


I am super excited to teach more people and bring more people unto Christ. I am not 100% sure why I am called to Nicaragua yet, but I know that there is a reason. I know that God did not call me here to fail and that he won’t give me a challenge that I can’t overcome. The mission is not always easy, but it’s the days like these that make this thing so great. Missions are great….
Hope you all have a great week!!
-Elder Wagstaff


Mom – That is SO neat to learn about your first baptism!!! We are thrilled for you and how you are being an instrument of The Lord. I can’t imagine how that must feel. Way to go! We have been praying for L here. It was a wet week!

Would you like me to send you a copy of the letters I email?

A – ya that would be nice
how are things there

Mom – We are great! Especially hearing from you.

What do you know about buying a camera there vs us sending you one? Is there a better option? I am trying to get some reliable info of how to best mail one to you. What do you think?

A – im am not really sure. I can try to do with what do you think is better

Mom – If you can get a quality camera there, it may be the best bc to mail packages may be sketchy. It will probably cost a couple hundred dollars to get one here. But if you can’t get a good one, we will send one.

Are there very many good electronic stores there? Do you think we should just send you a camera? Does that make it easier for you?

What did you do for service today?

A – ya there are electronic stores…just let me know what you think will be better. i am open ears.

no service today its tomorrow

Mom – Ahhh. Keep up the good work. What happened with your wardie who came to Utah? What did you learn?

A – I honestly think she might still be there so keep waiting….
But the baptism was super special because our president made a rule that you can only have one physcial baptism. It was so awesome

Mom – What does it mean to have one physical baptism? Does that mean you can only be in your whites once and then the members do the baptizing for the other people who are being baptized?

We will keep waiting on your wardie.

A – Ya exaclty i only wear white once… I love the family and they asked me to do it so i thought it would be a great opportunity.
I would wait at least another week before you do anything because the wardie offered to take stuff back. but i dont know how much she was planning on taking..

Mom – The pic of you and L is absolutely amazing. You can feel how happy both of you are!!

That is super helpful info about your wardie. I will hold onto the stuff and then mail it if she doesn’t call. How long should I wait…what day should I send it if she doesn’t call? Do you know if she will try to call or how she will get ahold of me?

A – I honestly have no idea. I will let you know if i see her or talk to her this week. But i would wait at least another week.

Mom – Okay. Sounds great! How do you feel your Spanish is coming along?

A – poco a poco
little by little. usually there are times when i feel like i make a really good comment then the next lesson i cant say anything its weird. but i know it will come

Mom – For sure it will come. I know that it must’ve been an amazing experience to testify of the Savior in Spanish and also to perform an ordinance in Spanish. What an experience you’re having!

I love you!

A – ya its pretty amazing

Mom – Love the pics! Abbi won her first debate today! And, she also got 100% on her Spanish test today so things are going really well here. Anything new or interesting food wise?

A – There are some really weird food. there is a drink called pinolia that the first time i hated. I thought it tasted like dirt, but now I like it…kind of weird

awesome to hear about abbi and spanish, sounds like shes doing great in school.

Mom – Abbi is working really hard as is Liz. How are you sleeping and how is the bug situation with all that rain?

A – i sleep great as soon as i hit the pillow i am out.
the bugs are not bad in my area

Mom – Any pictures of your inside of your apartment yet?

A – sorry i am waiting to have a clean appartment to take pics
but i will for sure send in the near future

Mom – How scary is it? Does it need to be cleaned because of missionaries or need to be cleaned bc of life in Nica?

A – Mostly because of us but a little bit of both.
But i am staying in the ritz of nica.

Mom – Haha. Bigger question, are you making your bed every day?

A – yes i have only missed a handful of times

Mom – That’s awesome. Way to go! Hey wondering what you mean when you say it’s the Ritz of Nicaragua? Try to describe that for me.

A – give you more details next week and hopeful pics
got to go
love you tons