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Monday, September 29, 2014

It´s been a great week.


So last p-day we took an unplanned bus tour of Nica.
So we need to get to the chapel. We waited and waited for a bus, one finally came. When it came we asked the driver if it went by a certain location, he replied yes, so we got on. Sometime later we realized that we were not going in the right direction, we were going in the completely opposite direction. We had no idea where we were so we decided the best thing to do was to just stay on the bus. TWO HOURS LATER we were back to where we started.
We decided just to walk.

I have turned this learning spanish thing into a game. For example, to keep me focused during Sunday School I made a little game. Our Sunday School teacher says the word ¨verdad¨ a ton, which means truth. ¨When we pray to God he answers our prayers, verdad.¨… ¨Praying is a way we demonstrate faith, verdad.¨ So, to keep me focused, I decided I would count the number of times she said this word. In 30 minutes she said ‘verdad’ over 88 times.
It was pretty entertaining.

There is an awesome guy that we are teaching right now. His name is L. He is the brother and uncle of one of my favorite families here in Nicaragua. This family is always super happy and positive. They have such a strong testimony. He is super accepting of the gospel and I have high expectations for him. Every time we teach him it is such an amazing experience.

Faith is like a fan on a hot day in Nicaragua.
The buttons and power cord is the amount of effort and energy you put forth. You have to put forth effort and energy to recieve blessings.
The rotation of the fan is when we recieve the blessings. Sometimes it´s immediate and other times it takes a while to get back around to you. But when we are patient and continue to have faith we will always revieve blessings.
And the breeze is the influence of our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ in our lives. You can´t see them, but when you have faith in them you can feel their presence.

Love you all and hope you can have faith this week!!!
-Elder Wagstaff


(from last week:)

Mom – Are you still there? Curious, now that you’ve had a zone conference, what is the ratio of native missionaries to non-native/North American missionaries?

(this week:)

A – sorry last week the power went out.
But there are not a lot of americans the majority are for sure latin.
one thing that pres. russell asked us to do was have you and dad send an email of if the pres were to call you and say to brag about your son what you would say.
Things are going great. how is cali??

Mom – Hi! Wow! I love you so much!!! How are you holding up?

I found out that Quito – where Brett is – and Managua are sister cities. Pretty cool!

A – That’s way cool. How was cali?

Mom – Cali is great. Did you see the pics of all those cars? I tell you, BMWs, Mercedes and Lexuses are all like Hondas (average cars) around here. Crazy! 


What’s been the best thing about your week?

A – ya those cars are sweet. I really took “that attitude is everything” to heart and it’s helped a ton.

I just decided to open my mouth even though my spanish is garbage and it’s helped a ton.

Mom – I know that you are doing such a great job and have such a fabulous attitude, even when it is hard.

Some sad news for the PC Peters this week. Schroeder was hit by a car and died. Sad for everyone!

How is your stomach?

A – so sad to hear about schroeder!!
my stomach is super great!! my latin comps got sick this week but im doing great. I can eat so much here. its awesome

Mom – That’s awesome. So happy!

I am glad you are speaking in Spanish more too. I think that you know more than you think! It will come.

What is your comp like? What is his personality like?

A – for the most part i get along with him really well. he knows a ton and im learning a ton from him.

Mom – Remember, you are the answer to a mother’s prayer for her missionary!

What is your favorite food that you’ve tried?

A – its really all pretty much rice and beans but pretty much everything is good some wierd cheese and fruit but mostly good

Mom – What do you sleep on…a bed? Bunk? How about a closet? Can you hang your stuff? Are you concerned about theft?

A – ill send pics next week, but we change the beds from bunk to normal today. no i feel super safe here

Mom – That’s exciting you have a new bed! What are your showers like?hot/cold? buckets?

A – we have hot running water but i never use it because i am always super hot here so it feels way good

Mom – I am sure you are cooking! Do you want me to try and send some mesh garment tops? What do the other missionaries wear?

A – no its good i can buy garments here
love you

got to go
love you