las familias pueden ser eternas

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

So these past few weeks have been really crazy with changes and everything else that has been going on. It has been a lot of days with little rest.

But, I would like to share an experience of a family that we baptized a few weeks ago.

This family has been through a lot of ups and downs within these last few months and have had a lot of challenges. We have been working really hard to help them understand that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ they can get through these challenges and find more happiness.

They originally were supposed to get baptized in July, but because of challenges they had going on at the time could not do it. They reset their date for the 1st of August.

It was such an awesome day, to see a family get baptized. The son, whose name is Stephen, was baptized in Costa Rica about a year ago.

I know that through the Plan of Salvation and Gospel of Jesus Christ that families can be together forever. I know that this plan that God has is really for our happiness and really helps us to become better. I’m so grateful to be a small hand in this great work and to help others come unto Christ.

Love you all and hope you all have a great week.



  • How are you doing? How is everything going? Things are going really good. I had to get up at 3 again today but today was pday so I got to go back to bed and sleep later in the day.
  • How often are you getting up that early? Why the long hours the last few weeks? Mostly just recently, with changes and everything, but it’s just with taking people to get on a bus or the airport.
  • Are you pretty tired most days? Do you ever feel rested? I have been exhausted!! You know how I told you I was falling asleep on my knees when I was praying? I’m pretty sure the other day I fell asleep praying out loud with my comp. The struggle is so real. haha
  • How does the mission seem to be doing as a whole? What is its greatest strength? Where does the mission struggle? The mission is doing really well. Right now the mission is baptizing a ton. The hard part is the retention or having the members stay active.
  • How are you and your comp getting along? Is it a good match? I really like my comp a lot. He is very chill.
  • Have you done anything unique for pday today? Not really, just cleaned the house a little and rested. Pretty low key.
  • What has been the best part of your week? What has made it great?┬áProbably getting out in the area to work.
  • What is something this week that you are grateful for? The influence of the members in this great work.
  • Anyone we should specifically be praying for? As of right now…not anyone specifically. Just pray so that we can find new people.
  • Are you staying healthy? I feel like I am doing really well physically. I have been exercising in the mornings and I feel pretty good.
  • What are you doing to have fun and laugh? Any good stories? Not any at the top of my head. Just looking for those little moments to laugh. I have learned that you just need to find those little moments to laugh and stay positive even when things are hard.