life is good!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

So this week has been a little crazy, but really good. It’s been pretty crazy because everyone in the office has been running around getting ready for the multi-zonas which are meetings where all the missionaries get together. The preparation has been crazy, but things went really well.

This week we had a way awesome experience as one of our investigators explained that she had the desire to get baptized. It’s really awesome because her husband is a less active member, her son is a recent convert and it has been amazing to see the family grow spiritually. She has been one of my favorite investigators to teach. She explained to us that after every lesson that we had with her she would get out a notebook and write everything that she could remember about the lesson. She is such an incredible person.

Today we played tennis with President Russell. He whooped every single one of us. Man I’m terrible!!! It was so much fun because tennis is not something I have played much in my life, but it was still way fun.

Hope all is well!
Love you all tons,
Elder Wagstaff

  • How is your companion? He is super patient with me, which is awesome.
  • Challenge from Alex to his family at home: Continue with family prayer everyday and assign someone to give a daily spiritual thought.
  • How have the meals been in your current area? The meals have been really great. I hope I’m gaining some weight, but not really sure.
  • How has the week been? Really crazy week, but good. The office has been really busy. This week we are planning on baptizing T.
  • Have you been sick recently? No, knock on wood. I feel pretty good.