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Monday, March 14, 2016

This week has been another great one.

This week there were changes and my comp Elder H had changes. So once again I am with Elder H and Elder L in a trio. It can be a little weird sometimes because we don’t know who will talk next in the lessons, but it will just take some getting used to. It will be a great opportunity to work with members and other missionaries.


Right now we are working in a place in our area called El Socorro. It is a very, very poor location where pretty much everyone has a tin/plastic house. It is very dusty and there are no paved roads. When the wind is blowing it can be pretty hard to see. One of the biggest problems that they have out there is there is no running water. So they have to walk a pretty far distance to go get water and carry it back. They are very humble. W is one of our investigators that lives in El Socorro. He is progressing a lot in the gospel and is very grateful for all the blessings that he has seen in his life. He has turned his life around a lot since we have been talking with him and he is very excited to continue to follow our Lord and Savior.

I love teaching the people of Nicaragua. I know that this church is true.

Love y’all,

Elder Wagstaff

in a moto taxi in El Socorro

in a moto taxi in El Socorro

  • What has made this week great? Just continuing to see blessings. W is doing really well and continues to see a lot of blessings in his life.


Fill in the blank…

I spend the most time with…

My comp


My days are typically filled by…(doing what?)



I would best describe my home and living conditions as…


Very well off

I would best describe the living conditions of others in my area as…

Very Very humble

Very Very well off

I share my home with…

My comps and animals

Family and dog

When I look out my front door I see…

Humble people

O’s front door and the Great Salt Lake

Most homes in the area are made of…(what type of construction)

Tin and cement blocks

A lot of things

Most homes in the area have …(what type of)… walls

Tin and cement blocks

Drywall, wood

The most common decoration in a home is…



I sleep with a:a.    fanb.    air conditioner

c.    heater

d.    mosquito net

e.    other


Mosquito net



If I can’t sleep it is usually because…

Always fall asleep

I have slept too much

My bed is:a.    Papa Bear – too hardb.    Mama Bear – too soft

c.     Baby Bear – just right

Papa Bear to an extreme

Baby Bear

My bathroom has:a.    cold waterb.    hot water

c.     flushing toilet

d.    shower

e.    bathtub

Hot-ish water

Flushing toilet



I have running water:a.    all of the timeb.    most of the time

c.     some of the time

d.    never

All of the time

All of the time

I have electricity:a.    all of the timeb.    most of the time

c.     some of the time

d.    never

Most of the time

All of the time

My kitchen has a:a.    fridgeb.    stove

c.    oven

d.    microwave

e.    hot plate

f.     dishwasher

g.    toaster

h.    pantry



All of the above

Homes in the area have (what type of flooring):

a.    carpet

b.    hardwood

c.    tile

d.    linoleum

e.    cement

f.     dirt



All, (except dirt)

(Who)…typically washes my clothes



My clothes are washed by…(describe method)


Washing machine

(Who)…typically prepares my main meal