Monday, March 2, 2015

This week was great.

I had my first real Sunday with my new ward because last Sunday was Stake Conference. There are so many great people in this ward. It’s kind of weird there are a lot of people that speak English in this ward. Kind of different.

I have officially had a full week with my new comp, Elder P. He is great and he is so funny. He also loves trucks. He often talks about how if it’s not a Cummins, then it’s no good. haha. He is awesome. We get along great because we both want to work and we both like to talk about cars.

Right now we are working with a girl named J. She is so awesome and is super smart. She has such a strong desire to follow Jesus Christ. She is great.

I didn’t do a ton of work in my area this week because I had to go work in other areas. It was awesome to see what other areas are like and to work with other people. There are so many people out there with so many different lifestyles. It’s so awesome to help so many different people come unto Christ.

It has honestly been a little stressful trying to get everything done this week. There is so much to do and it can often be very overwhelming to get it all done within a 24-hour time period. But, just when things get hard, the best thing to do is kneel down and pray for guidance. Heavenly Father has so many blessings for us, the only thing that we need to do is ask with faith and we will be blessed. It’s not always on our timetable, but we will be blessed.

I know that God loves each and every one of us.

Love you all and remember, stay classy.

Elder Wagstaff

  • How is Las Colinas? Are you liking it there? It’s great. It’s a lot of the richer people, but it’s good. There are a lot of people with cars here. It also has a lot of subdivision areas, but we can’t go contacting in there because there is a rule. It also has a lot of mixed areas – rich and poor.
  • Any pics this week? I am letting the sisters in my district use my camera for a few days because they don’t have one.
  • How is the responsibility of being district leader going?¬†Honestly, it’s a little stressful, but it’s good. I know I will learn so much.
  • How is your companionship working out? Elder P is doing good. He is awesome to work with and I am learning a ton from him.
  • Is it harder with more people speaking English or does it make things easier for you?¬†It honestly is more people speaking Spanish, but a lot of returned missionaries and stuff.
  • How much responsibility do you have in your ward on Sundays? On Sundays, it’s pretty much bring as much investigators to church as you can. This week I have to give a talk, but we will see how that goes.
  • What is the subject for your talk? le fe
  • Tell me about J. How did you find her? How old is she? What are her challenges? She has been an investigator of Elder P for a while. She has been wanting to get baptized for the longest time, but her dad doesn’t really want her to right now. But we have a lot of faith.
  • What other areas did you get to go to work in this last week? How far away were they from your current area? We worked a lot with the sisters. I had my first interview. It’s like an hour round trip, so it kind of takes a while. We are a little ways away from our church.
  • Are you liking working with the sisters? Where are they from? Ya the sisters are really hard workers. They are from Honduras and Guatemala.
  • What about the food? How’s that all going? Still eating rice and beans? Are you up a few pounds or do you think you’ve leveled off? The food is still great. I had my first nacatamale and it was way good. It’s hard to say if I’m gaining or losing.