Monday, November 3, 2104

So this week was pretty standard, but did have a few highlights.

So right now I feel so weird about my Spanish. I can understand a good portion, but the trouble is for them to understand me. For example, this week I was just having a simple conversation with a kid probably 12 years old. We went up to the house and started talking, asking if his parents were home and just the basic questions. I just simply asked him, “What is your name?” He replied, “I don’t speak English.”

Right now this is the story of my life. I don’t know if they just give up trying to listen or if there was a car driving by or what. But the struggle is so real.

We also ran out of water in the house. Of all the nights to run out of water. We came home and I was super thirsty. It was not fun at all. We came home and planned for the next day and I went to bed super quick because I thought if I can’t drink I’ll just go to bed and when I wake up in the morning it will be better. We had water in the morning, which was great, but it was not fun. I guess this doesn’t happen very much because it was my companion’s first time running out of water too.

I love you all so much!

I’ll try to have more details next week.

-Elder Wagstaff


Mom – Thanks for the email. I always get so excited to hear from you. I was dropping Abbi off at ballet and was just able to pull over to the side of the road to chat with you. I am super excited. Sorry to hear about your water situation…is it fresh water for the house? That sounds rough.

A – I actually have no idea of what kind of water it is

Mom – Was it drinking water from the tap?…is it water for showering and stuff like that? Do you use your water purifier?

A – ya i have a bottle that i use but i think all the water is safe but i still use a bottle

Mom – Of course, that makes me so happy to know that you are taking precautions with your water. 

I am thinking as far as your Spanish goes that there could be a bit of a cultural issue. Maybe they are not wanting to give Americans as much credit. You are being so patient. I am so so proud of you!

Are you doing ok?

A – ya everything here is super great

Mom – Glad to hear it.

I sent you a Halloween card. Let me know if you get it.

What is the situation with your ward/branch? Are you a ward or how many members are in the area?

A – thanks for the card

we are a ward. but there are probably 50 member in the church every sunday. but there are a ton of inactive

Mom – Wow! How involved are you each Sunday? Do you teach lessons?…what are your responsibilities on Sundays?

A – not a ton of involvement. just mostly show up and learn just like normal church

Mom – Well that’s good. I am sure you are contributing a lot just by being there with your amazing self.

What kind of interaction do you have with Pres. Russell? How often do you meet with him?

A – not a ton every once in a blue moon. probably 5 times being here

Mom – Well that’s pretty good, considering there are lots of missionaries. Do you know how large your mission is? 

I am thinking about your Spanish and maybe you should start singing in Spanish. They say that music is the universal language. If you sing then everyone can understand everyone. Ha ha!

A – haha maybe i will give it a try this week…

i still havent bought a camera. and i would love to pick up a guitar if i can find one. but there is honestly not a ton of stuff to buy here

Mom – Hopefully you will be able to pick a camera up fairly soon. Let me know if you decide you want us to send you one. 

Will president let you have a guitar? That would be cool if you could find one. Even a uke would be awesome.

What is Pres. Russell like? Who does he remind you of?

A – ya i think we can…

he is super strict but is an awesome person. he kind of reminds me of a reed s but can be super strict when you dont follow the rules. he is known for letting missionaries know they did something wrong. but i couldnt ask for a better president.

loved the pics of the week and the pics of mis amigos

Mom – Sounds like he will keep the mission running like a tight ship. I think you are in good hands.

Your friends really are interested in how you are doing. They always ask about you and how things are going. You have great friends!

What is your favorite thing about Nicaragua? What do you love most?

A – probably the culture difference. its like nothing else i have experienced before but its good to see what other people live like.


got to go now but i love you so much.