one experience

Monday, April 27, 2015

This week was a little funny.

We started teaching this guy and at first he seemed pretty positive. He seemed to like to listen and had a few questions for us.

The next time we went back, his ideas were completely different. We started talking about the importance of faith and baptism. He was listening and then all of the sudden went crazy. We started to read about baptism in Matthew and without us really saying anything, he stood up and started saying that we were talking about how his baptism wasn’t valid. No point in the lesson did we say anything like that. We were just reading from the Bible.

He stood up and told us that we couldn’t teach him anymore. He was so upset and he told us we had to to leave. It was a pretty funny experience because in one moment everything was normal, in the next it seemed that everything went wrong.

Just one experience about the mission.

love you tons

Elder Wagstaff

PS…Mom, here’s an early Mother’s Day gift: I cleaned our house today.

  • What kind of week have you had? It’s been a good week, a little stressful trying to get everything done.
  • How are your other investigators? Were many able to come to church this week? It was another frustrating week, with only one in church.
  • Do you ever sleep in a hammock or do anything different? I have not slept in a hammock yet. We planted a coconut. haha. The coconut had a sprout on it.
  • Do you ever burn your trash or how does the sanitation and garbage system work? A ton of people burn their trash, but there is also a garbage service here.
  • Have you had any crazy encounters with spiders, snakes, etc? We have a lot of spiders in our house, but nothing to worry about. One of our investigators said he saw a huge snake the other day. For the rest of the day I was watching every step that I took.