p-day was crazy

Monday, May 11, 2015

So this week was pretty good.

the world's best district

the world’s best district

I got to go on divisions, got to talk with the fam, had a lot of ups and downs with investigators. But, p-day was crazy.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

So it’s common that for one’s birthday that they get one or two eggs to the head. So for p-day we had a zone activity. We played sports and a few games with water balloons. We started playing this game that you had to walk through a bunch of water balloons that were placed on the floor. We were blindfolded and if you stepped on one, you had to have a water balloon thrown at you. While me and this missionary in my zone were waiting blindfolded to go, all we heard was, “3 – 2 – 1 – GO!” and a bunch of eggs and flour were thrown at us. I probably got 10 eggs thrown at me. It was hilarious. I was not expecting it at all. The part that was most funny is that I had to take a bus back to our house.

Love you all and hope you have an egg-free week.

Elder Wagstaff

  • What were you wearing? Any pics of the scene? I was wearing gym clothes, so when we got back I changed into mission clothes, but I still stunk. I have a video, but can’t send it.
  • Does it really feel like 102 degrees there? Are you cooking? Ya, it sometimes does.
  • How do you stay hydrated during the day? Drink a ton of water
  • How often does the electricity go out? Maybe 4 times a month.
  • What is your favorite food you have eaten in Nica? Gallo Pinto
  • How many sister missionaries are in your mission? What percentage of all missionaries are Latino? There are about 90 sisters and about half of the missionaries are Latino.

From Hermana Russell – President Russell’s wife:

To the mothers and significant women in the lives of our missionaries,

Thank you for raising wonderful sons and daughters. Please know that they are healthy and happy and working very hard. When I visit with them, I see kindness and thoughtfulness in your children who are becoming men and women of Christ. I watch as their fears depart, their confidence in the Lord increases, and their personal testimonies deepen.

As mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and close family friends, thank you for personal influence. Throughout the years, you have guided them and provided a solid foundation so they are now able to serve the Lord with all their might and are able to give their whole hearts to the people of Nicaragua. As I speak with them individually, I notice a deepened awareness and gratitude for their mothers and significant women in their lives.

President and I will be always feel blessed to count among our four children all of our missionaries whom we love dearly. May you find great joy knowing that your missionary is exactly where the Lord wants him/her to be, doing exactly what the Lord wants him/her to be doing. Thank you for sharing them us

Happy Mother’s Day.


Hermana Peggy Russell