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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

when 80 boxes get shipped to the wrong place

when 80 boxes get shipped to the wrong place

There was a communication error with the people that were delivering all of the mission supplies. So we had to pile all the boxes in the truck. It is the mission truck. Really fun to drive. I don’t have time to write a weekly letter this week…

  • How has your week been? How did transfers go for you and everyone today? It’s been a little crazy as they usually are. I got a new comp named Elder J. My other comp went to Jinotepe. My new comp is way awesome. He has a little under a year in the mish. Don’t know a ton about him yet, but he is awesome.
Elder T and I

Elder T and me

  • Do you know much about the Christmas Skype – when you’ll get to do it? where you will do it from? etc? I am not sure much about the Skype details. We will get to do it from the office which will be really nice.
  • Have Elder and Sister S gone home? They know Sister G and have written a great blog over their mission. If you see them, tell them thanks from me! They went home Monday. Ya I told them I live 4 houses away from Sister G. They are pretty awesome.

Well, I got to go now, but love you tons and have a great week.