still in las colinas

Monday, May 18, 2015

So this week has been great. I have been really tired, but great!!


A poorer part of our area – Las Colinas

So I am still in Las Colinas with Elder R. We are still working hard and looking for new people. It’s awesome to see the progress in investigators, like S. S is doing really good and is always really excited to hear our message.

Yesterday was the first big rain storm in Las Colinas. It was so awesome!! I put on my rain boots and went outside. I was so excited. I felt like a little kid because I would run through every puddle that I found. The rain is so awesome and I am so grateful for the rain.

Love you all,

Elder Wagstaff

I found a new pet you can get for Oakley (a squirrel).

I found a new pet you can get for Oakley – a squirrel. (The man in the pic is a member that we are working to reactivate.)

Thanks so much for the gifts!!

Thanks so much for the gifts!!

  • How did you celebrate your birthday? We bought pizza and ate the (freeze-dried) ice cream you sent.
  • Sounds like S is progressing well. Anything we can pray for specifically? How about F? How are things going for him? Just keep praying for both S and F. F went to church yesterday, but hasn’t received his answer yet.
  • What are you loving most about this week? The rain for sure. Seriously, you should of seen how excited I was! haha