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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This past week has been crazy busy, but really awesome.

We finished up all the Christmas preparations and everything for the most part went really well. I got to speak with my family which was really awesome to see how everyone was doing and all the new things that were going on at home.

S and me

S and me

This past week we started teaching a new investigator. His name is S. He is 83 years old and has a strong desire to learn more about our message. He went to church for the first time this past week and loved it. By the way, he walks really fast for how old he is. He is always so happy when we come over and visit him. He told us, “You two are the nicest people that I have met.” I have thought about how basic his life is, how little he relies on the help of others, but when he receives help, how grateful he is. I think that we all need to have this same attitude. Be grateful for whatever happens and take life as it comes.

I love you all so much and hope that everyone has a great new year.

Elder Wagstaff

the view of where we ate

the view of where we ate

I probably had my favorite meal that I have had in Nicaragua today. It was really expensive [over $20], but really good. Tell everyone that gave me money [for Christmas] how grateful I was for this awesome meal. It was from a really fancy restaurant. I had filet mignon and chicken wings.

  • How have the last few days been? Things have been really good. This is going to be a next couple of crazy weeks, but really fun. [The mission is going on an excursion for a day for reaching their baptism goal for the year.] San Juan del Sur is going to be so crazy with all the preparations that we will have to do. The mission has over 2060 baptisms.
  • What have been the top highlights of 2015 for you? It has been a very good year. Top highlight: 1. Serving the Lord
  • How will you be celebrating the new year? Any specific goals for 2016? Just a normal day of working hard. Not any specific goals yet, I will have to make a few, but more than anything else, just work hard.
  • Do you want me to send you a calendar for 2016? Don’t really want a calendar because don’t want to think about the second half of the year. 🙂

q & a

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

  • Happy Christmas Eve Eve! What have you done today? How are the festivities in Nica? How are you doing? It’s been crazy these last couple of days. We have multi zone conferences this week and on Monday we went to bed at 2 and got up at 5:30. The last one is tomorrow. Today we did a bunch of preparation for the multi zone conf tomorrow. We do all the behind the scenes setting up. It can be crazy stressful at times, but I am learning so much.
  • Have you received your Christmas packages yet? Yes I got two packages today!!! Thank you so much. I have not opened them yet but I am really excited. Thanks. I have been receiving a lot of letters. I also got the padded envelope with letters inside. Tell everyone that participated how grateful I am.
  • How is this year different from last year? Things are going great. I feel a lot more adjusted to mission life. I am getting along great with my comp. I am overall really happy. Tired, but happy. Will see you Friday. Love you.

great christmas in nica

Monday, December 29, 2014

So this past week has been pretty great.
On the 24th we had a multi zone meeting and it was so much fun. We played lots of games and learned a lot about how we can better ourselves and come closer to Christ. It was awesome to see a bunch of my friends in the mission and we had an awesome dinner. So that was pretty sweet.





On Christmas day it was great. It’s a little different here because most people celebrate Christmas on the 24, so the 25 was not a huge day of celebrations. A ton of people were sleeping from partying the night before. haha. But I had the chance to talk to my family on Skype, so that was a new and awesome experience for sure.

Right now we have an awesome investigator. He is an 11 year old, but has a great desire to become a member of the Church. The first time we talked to him he had chains and earrings, but noticed that we wear white shrits and ties. He took out his earrings and this past sunday said that he wanted to wear a white shirt and tie like us. He is such an awesome kid with a desire to better his life.

Love you all tons!


Mom – Hey, do you have any pics with you and your comp? I don’t want you to be transferred without a few pics…


Mom – Anything new since we talked?

A – no everything is pretty standard

Mom – What are you liking most about being a missionary?

A – I really like seeing people change

Mom – I agree! What are your plans for New Years?

A – not anything

Mom – Any goals for the new year?

A – work


thanks for all your help on this project

Mom – That’s a good one! It will keep you busy!

Love the pics of you and the Russells. The Christmas letters were a great thing to be involved with! The spirit was directing the project. I am glad for all of it!

Do you stay out late most nights? How late?

A – we try to return to the house at 9 but its usually 930

Mom – Is it pretty safe to walk around at night or do you have to be careful? Does your comp have your back?

A – I think it is pretty safe you just have to be smart about what you do. i hope so

Mom – That’s good you are being smart! Are you safe from cars and stuff…as a pedestrian? 

A – the drivers here are pretty crazy but you just have to be smart about it

love you tons have to go now but have a great week

feliz navidad

Monday, December 22, 2014

This past week has been great.
Not a ton of stuff has happened, but overall it was a great week.
I have really enjoyed talking about Christmas with the people here in Nicaragua. Reminding them the true and real meaing of Christmas. It’s awesome because pretty much everyone here accepts Jesus. So when you start talking about Jesus Christ and the fact that He is a huge part of our lives, they will almost always listen.
Hope you all have a great week and…
-Elder Wagstaff