things are shakin’ good

October 20, 2014

So this week I had my first real earthquake!! (10/13 @ 9:51 pm – magnitude 7.3, struck 42 miles west-southwest of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua)

It wasn’t huge, but it lasted a good 20 to 30 seconds. We just got done with planning and I was writing in my journal. All of the sudden the table started to shake. One of my companions started to freak out and ran down the stairs so fast. I have never seen him move so fast before. But everything is perfect fine. It was a pretty cool experience.

This week was changes. I now have my same trainer, but also have 2 new companions. Elder H and Elder M. Elder H is brand new and is from Tooele, Utah. Elder M has about a year in the field and is from Costa Rica. They are both awesome missionaries. This week I did a ton of work with Elder M. He has taught me so much in the few days that I have been with him. He will only speak in Spanish to me and I think that my Spanish has improved so much this week because of this. I am super excited to see what kind of energy this companionship brings to the people of Nicaragua.

This Sunday I had the opportunity to witness L receive the priesthood. It was such an amazing experience. It was cool to see the process of not knowing hardly anything about the church to gaining a testimony, being baptized and receiving the priesthood. I am so excited to see him continually progress and become such an amazing person.

Things are continuing to run fairly smoothly here. I love this experience so freaking much. I am so glad for this opportunity to be a missionary.

Con amor de Nicaragua!!

-Elder Wagstaff


Mom – I am so glad you are safe and all is well. If you have pics of your new comps, I’d love to see them! Can you tell a difference in new missionaries vs those that have been out a while? What do you notice most?

A – ya for sure.
The biggest diff. is confidence. They can really talk about anything for ever. Vs me and my new comp are struggling to find words. i dont have pic with them but ill send other pics

Mom – That makes sense. In time, you will be able to communicate like you want to.

I am sure it is so cool to see L progress in the gospel. What a neat thing. You said they remind you of home. In what way?

A – They are one of the only families that seems to be really close and have a testimony of the gospel its rare to find both of the things here

Mom – That is a good observation. We are blessed! I am sure you will stay close to L forever.
Describe your new comps. Do you work mostly with Elder M?

A – Ya elder m and i did a lot of work this week. He is pretty tall and skinny. He is a great comp
how was the beach?

Mom – That’s good that you are being productive and working hard! Sounds like you are a good match. How is the rain? Your shoes holding up? How much walking do you do?

A – We pretty much are walking all day and my shoes are great. The rain boots dont let any water in they are awesome. It rains off and on here.
So just buy a camera

Mom – Glad to hear your shoes are working well. Yes, buy a camera! We put $ in your acct so you can get one.

The beach was so nice. The water and weather were perfect. Abbi and I just wish everyone else could have come.

Why do you have more than one comp?

A – we are a companisho of 4


Mom – Looks good! What are you eating?

A – the food is basically rice and beans

Mom – Yummy! How late can you go contacting?

A – we are supposed to be at the house at 9.
so that is usually our goal but often we are a few minutes late

Mom – Are you a quad companionship for safety reasons? Or what is the reasoning behind 4 and not 2?

How big is the area you cover?

A – its because both of my comps are leaders so some days we travel to other areas.
I have to go now but hope you have a great week.
Love you tons