week #1

August 1, 2014

This week has been so incredible. I love the MTC so much and I am so glad to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love the guys in my district so much and I feel that they are already like brothers.

I'm a missionary!

My companion’s name is Elder S. and he is from South Ogden. I am so lucky to have him as a companion, I wouldn`t want any other companion that is here in Mexico now. We are so similar in so many ways, it’s crazy. After the second day, we were already finishing each others sentences. He is a great kid. He is also hilarious. Yesterday, he put a fake spider on my bed and he had me convinced for a couple minutes that it was a real spider. I even got it in a bag and everything before I realized that it was a fake spider. So, if anyone has any ideas for pranks to get him back please let me know.

My companion

Fake spider

When it rains here it rains so much. Earlier this week it started raining and it was one of the hardest rain storms I have seen in a long time. When we got back to our apartment we realized that we left the window open and all of my books were soaking wet. It was kind of a funny experience.

Raining buckets

Books drying

One thing that I really miss is music. Earlier this week I heard someone playing Imagine Dragons on the piano and it made my day.

I feel like the language here is coming really slowly. But I’m going to just keep trying and work harder. I have learned so much in the first week and I really hope that by the end of this MTC experience that I will be able to kind of communicate with someone in spanish.

I have had so many experiences where the spirit has been so amazingly strong that I have been on the verge of tears. I read part of a talk by Elder Holland this week that has really inspired me to work harder. He said, ´´Run all the way, every day, every step until this is over.´´ There was another part that really inspired me, ´´Just don´t look back. Just put your face to the sun and put your shoulder into this work, and give it everything you’ve got and savor every day!”

I love you all so much and hope that everything is going as well there, as well as it is here.
-Elder Wagstaff