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Monday, January 12, 2015



top bunk, desk on left


New watch? ya I bought it here. it’s a fake g shock.

So this week has been really good!!! Wednesday was changes. We found out that my comp was going to have changes on Tuesday night so I was trying to think who in the world is going to be my new comp. Finally at about 12:30 on Wednesday we got a call from our old zone leader updating us on the new assignments. “Elder Wagstaff, your new comp is Elder B.”

I am pumped because Elder B was in my old district and he is an awesome kid. He is from Idaho and has one transfer less than me. He is a super hard worker and has a strong testimony. They also split my area in half so that is really nice, because our area before was so big. It’s still pretty big, but a lot easier to deal with.

It can be pretty entertaining trying to get our point across with broken Spanish on the streets, but it’s awesome. It’s awesome because when we make mistakes or something is frustrating, we just laugh and it makes things a lot less stressful. I have found that you need to take this call super seriously, but you can’t let the small things stress you out. You have to take the time to laugh.

Love you all and hope all is well there.

– Elder Wagstaff

I did a little walking today. It said it was about 10 miles.

I did a little walking today. It said it was about 10 miles.