the field

Monday, February 16, 2015

So it’s been another great week down here.

Things are going great and the work of the Lord is progressing. I can’t even explain how grateful I am to be a missionary. This experience is such a privilege and not a right. This work brings so many blessings to me and so many other people.

The people down here love pictures. This week me and my comp wanted to take a quick picture with M and his wife and daughter. When we told them that we wanted a picture with them they said, “Hold on, we need to go get ready.” So everyone went into the house and put on their nice clothes and did their hair. It was a pretty funny experience.¬†Also, I think it is really funny how nobody here likes to smile in their pictures, but it’s great.


We are teaching a guy right now that will do almost anything to be a member of the Church. We can tell that he truly has a testimony. He is always super happy when we come over and is always waiting for us when we have an appointment with him. One time we had an appointment with him at 1 in the afternoon and we showed up at 12:59. He said, “I was looking at my watch and I thought you guys were not coming.” It’s so awesome how much he loves to hear our message. We are working through his problems right now so that he can continue to progress in the Gospel. He said, “I am going to die in this Church.” He is so awesome.

Love you all tons,

Elder Wagstaff


Little girl we baptized this week

Questions of the Week:

How are you liking Sandino? How is it different from Managua? I love Sandino. It’s very different, but I love it…a lot more dirt roads.

Any cool service projects you’ve been working on? We did some shoveling this week and some wood cutting.

Anything fun going on today? Much sightseeing or anything? It’s my comps birthday so we are going to his old area and a member is cooking for us.

How are the mosquitoes treating you? Have you learned to deal with them? The mosquitoes have not bothered me hardly at all. A lot of people are getting diseases from them, but I have not had any problems.