the field

Monday, October 27, 2014

This week I had the opportunity to go work with Elder H solo.

It was pretty interesting to see how far my Spanish had come along. As you know this was Elder H’s first full week in the mission field. While our trainers were off helping other missionaries in other areas it was just us two white Americans trying to figure this thing out. It was pretty entertaining at times trying to get our point across. Haha. But overall I was pretty satisfied with our day. I am super impressed with Elder H’s Spanish. For only having a few weeks here it is pretty good. There are times when he will actually correct me on my Spanish. He is way smart.

Also this week we had the opportunity to baptize J. This is the guy with the lottery ticket. This guy is always so happy every time I see him. He is so faithful. It was awesome to see the process of conversion with him. Every time we taught him something he would always follow up our commitments. We taught him the word of wisdom; he quit drinking coffee. We taught him about tithing; the following day he paid his tithing even before he was baptized. It was pretty amazing to see the full process of conversion. He is such an amazing person. I think this is what they call the perfect investigator. This just comes to show that there are people out there just waiting to hear about our message.


People are waiting we just need to open our mouth and show that this gospel brings happiness and benefits our life so much.

Love you all tons

-Elder Wagstaff


Mom – You sound so great. I am thrilled to hear about your week. Sounds like you and Elder H are doing awesome and a great support for each other. How are you doing?

A – Things are going pretty good here.
sorry about the letter i kind of threw it together last minute

Mom – We absolutely loved getting your letter! It was such a highlight for us!

Congrats on J. That is such a cool story. What an experience you are having being able to see lives change for the better.

Glad the Spanish is starting to click too. Can you see how far you have come?

Have you been able to find a new camera?

A – There are times when i think my spanish has improved a ton but then right after i cant even talk. its weird
I have not found a camera yet but i think next pday i will.

Mom – I am sure your Spanish is improving every day! Just be patient and keep working at it.

Hopefully you will be able to find a good camera soon.

You are emailing earlier than normal. What do you do on your pdays?

A – pdays are really so random. sometimes we actually do stuff but today was kind of a waste. but i think in a few weeks we have a planned day to play sports which will be a lot better.

Mom – Sounds like a mix of things. Sorry today was not very exciting.

Is there anything you want us to send you for Christmas? Have you heard if missionaries receive packages that are mailed? Any special requests? I am thinking I need to get something sent as soon as possible…

A – no not really. maybe a good shirt from my closet or some more gym shorts but if it costs a lot dont worry about it

Mom – That’s helpful! When you say a shirt, do you mean tshirt or golf or long sleeve? What are you hoping for?

A – just a normal tshirt


Your apartment looks great! I am thrilled to see a toilet and rooms. Haha. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I think you really may be at the Ritz! Thanks so much!

So what kind of food do you keep in the kitchen? Anything you are craving?

A – we dont really have a kitchen… just a frigde. But things are great. one of your hamburgers….

Mom – No kitchen. Hmmm. That sounds like a challenge.

I wish I could make you a burger.

How hard is it to wake up at 6:30 every day?

A – honestly its not that hard for me… i usually wake up at 628 by myself.
got to go now.. love you tons
have a great week