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Monday, March 21, 2016

It’s been another awesome week here in Nicaragua. The weather here is getting really hot as we are approaching la Semana Santa (Holy Week). I am so very lucky to be in Carazo where the weather is a lot cooler. But I still feel like I am dying of the heat sometimes.

This week we did a lot more work out in El Socorro. I came home on Sunday and my shoes were so dirty inside and out. I love teaching the people and getting to know their needs and how the gospel can help them. I honestly love these people so much.

Love you all so much and hope you all have a great week.

Elder Wagstaff


A lady that is a “little” shorter than me. (Grandma and granddaughter…awesome, genuine people.)

  • How has this week been? What has been positive about it? What has been a challenge? The week went really well. We have seen a lot of progression in some of our investigators. At the same time we saw some investigators take steps backwards.
  • Any funny experiences this week that brought a smile to your face? Not anything in particular, just trying to make the most of every moment.




    IN K-TOWN:

    Fill in the blank…

    My most common form of transportation is…

    moto taxi, bus


    When I need to travel less than two miles, my usual mode of transportation is…

    my shoes


    When I need to travel more than five miles, my usual mode of transportation is…

    moto taxi


    When I need to travel long distances, my usual mode of transportation is…



    Most people in the area travel by…



    The majority of roads are in:

    a.    excellent condition

    b.    good condition

    c.     poor condition

    poor condition

    excellent condition

    About how far would you say you walk in a given day? That is a very good question…at least a few miles but I have no idea how much. ??
    Road conditions become hazardous when…

    when people are driving, haha


    I would describe most drivers as…

    terrible drivers

    pretty good

    It is…(describe level of difficulty)…in obtaining a drivers license.

    pretty easy

    pretty easy

    Pedestrians have the right of way…(yes or no?)

    kind of…not really


    The closest gas station is…(how far away)?

    really close

    really close

    A liter or gallon of gas costs…(how much?)

    25 cords

    who knows??

    The most unusual form of transportation I’ve seen is…

    horse and cart


    It is not uncommon to see…

    wrecks and a whole family on a motorcycle

    fast cars