tis the season

December 15, 2014


So this week has gone by really fast, it seems that just yesterday was pday.

It’s really weird the people here in Sandino seem really different to those in Las Palmas. There are those that seem to accept the gospel fairly easy, and there are those who will have nothing to do with it. A lot of the kids here are punks. They think it’s hilarious when we walk by to ask if we want coffee. But overall this area is pretty great.

It doesn’t feel like Christmas at all here. I don’t know if it’s because there is no snow, if it’s because I’m not looking forward to Christmas break or what, but it’s really weird to think that Christmas is just around the corner. It is kind of fun to contact people in the street because we have little pass along cards that we can give out to talk about the true meaning of Christmas. Even though not everyone wants to accept our message, they usually will listen to us talk about the Savior, which is so great.

Love you all and have a great week!!

-Elder Wagstaff


Mom – So great to hear from you! Glad your week went by quickly and that things seem to be going well.

Any details on getting to talk to you next week? Should we make a plan?

A – i still have heard nothing but will let you know when i find out.

Mom – Ok. Sounds good. Thanks.

How is the work going? Anything you want to share? Investigators?

A – things are really slow right now it can be hard to get me and my comp on the same page. we are most likely going to be baptisming a little girl this week

Mom – Sounds like you are still making a difference. Tell me about the little girl. How old is she? How did you find her? What is her family like? 

A – she is 10 and was a reference from a ward member. they are a huge family and the only people that are not members in their family is her and her dad so we are working with them right now

Mom – That is SO great! How big is the family? Any idea? Hopefully the dad will find that the gospel has a place in his life too.

A – Its probably a family of 25-30 because its the grandparents and everyone.

Mom – I love that an entire family can be united through the gospel. That is fabulous! Keep up the diligent work in linking families forever!

Does your ward have a Christmas celebration or gathering? How about the mission or zone? Do you celebrate together?

A – i honestly dont really know. I think we might but vamos a ver, which means we are going to see. When people say that here that usually means that things arent going to happen…when going to the church or whatever.

Mom – I am sure that can be fun, especially when you’re trying to get a commitment out of people. Whatever the case, hope you have some fun festivities planned. What did you do for pday today?

A – HAD A BIGMAC!!! and walked around but honestly i like last pday better with football Americano

Mom – Big Macs are good in a foreign land, for sure! I would have loved to have seen you play football. I meant to ask last week, any touchdowns?

A – i honestly dont remember but it was way fun

Mom – Glad to hear it! Hey, did you see that we tried to have a Nicaraguan dinner last night? How close did we get to what you eat?

What are you eating these days? Anything interesting? How is your stomach?

A – that was really close. we are eating pretty good here because we have both lunch and dinner with members. my stomach is pretty good. i have a new one for you its called leche algreia. basically milk that has been sitting out for 2 or 3 days. they love it here. the taste isnt bad but the idea is what gets me

Mom – Wow! That sounds like a nasty yogurt. Ahhh, I am not sure we will be trying that! But when you are in Rome… 

I’m glad that you can eat with the members, that is a great way to get to know them. How long do you get to spend at their homes?

A – we are supposed to be there for an hour or less.

Mom – Have you heard anything about the Christmas package we sent with the member from Las Palmas?

A – no we will probably get the packages closer to Christmas but ill also let you know on that. I got to go now but love you so much and hope all goes well for you this week.