week #2

August 8, 2014

Another great week in the CCM!!! Everything is still going great and I am loving it so much. The language is coming slowly, but I am learning a ton. Early this week we were talking to some natives and I couldn´t understand a word that they were saying. It is scary to think that pretty soon I will be fully immersed in the language.

I can say my testimony and pray pretty well in Spanish. This is a ground breaking moment for me!!!

Here in the CCM we give discussions to fake investigators. During one of the experiences we were teaching about the Atonement. The word for sin is ‘pecado.’ So I tried to say we all sin, but instead I said we all ‘pescado,’ which is fish. It took me a minute to figure out what I said, but we all busted up laughing.

This week I had the opportunity to give a blessing to one of the hermanas in my district. I was a little nervous to give my first blessing, but it was such a cool experience to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. The Spirit was so strong. I LOVE IT!!!

Elder S and I continue to laugh at all the mistakes that we make. I think that it´s so important to take a stressful situation and turn it into something great.

I love the Sundays here in the CCM. It seems that sometimes it is hard to focus on why you are here just because of all the stuff that is going on, but on Sundays you can take a step back and remember why you are here.

This week the natives in our apartment left. We would always joke around with each other. They are such amazing guys and I am going to miss them so much. They are going to be such great missionaries.


I found a few of my friends down here in the CCM this week. Elder Tanner Horrocks, Elder Garrett James, and Elder Adam Hansen. It’s good to see some people from home.

Mom, thank you so much for the donuts that you sent me this week. We had a little “party” in our apartment this week. Those donuts tasted so amazing.


Today we went to the visitor center at the temple. I was really mad that the temple was closed, but it was still awesome to get outside the walls of the CCM and see what it is really like out there in the “real” world.



-Elder Wagstaff

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