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Monday, November 17, 2014

Another great week.

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It was really cool this week because I had the opportunity to see LA, one of our converts, baptize another one of our converts. I love seeing the progression of this great and marvelous work. Not all of our investigators progress at the same rate. Some take a few steps forward then back and some are bounding forward. But this was such a great experience for me.

I went on splits with a missionary this week and he was telling me how much time he had in the mission. “Ya, I have 4 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, and 3 hours left in the mission.” I will never be like this. There is a word for this in the mission. TRUNKY. It makes me so mad when people are like this. I know that when you stay focused the work is so much better.

Love you all,

Elder Wagstaff


Epic Sunset


A – im on

Mom – Wahoo! How’s your day going?

A – Things are great its been a pretty low key day

Mom – Glad to hear you are doing well.

A – do you want to find a photo of me right before i cut my hair because its hard for people to believe i had long hair

hows your day

Mom – My day has been great. Dad took the day off today, so I am a happy girl.

It is cold here…14 degrees this morning.

A – that is insane

Mom – Have you gotten any packages or letters yet?

A – so the packages are sitting in the office and i will go pick them up tomorrow.

Mom – I love that you will never be trunky! Love that you want to make every day count.

Super happy that you have packages waiting. The one in the padded white envelope is for Christmas. The one in the box is your backpack. I am glad things are arriving so we can send more. Did you or do you have to pay customs/duty for them? How much?

A – no   I dont think so

Mom – That’s good. So you can choose if you want to open them all or wait. We will send more and hopefully they will arrive sometime before Christmas. 

I am glad to hear about L. It sounds like a fabulous experience and opportunity to witness the progress.

How are other investigators coming along? Anything you want to share?

A – not anything super big right now.

but when you send another package will you have abbi get a scripture mastery card from seminary. i lost mine and want another. not a big deal but just whenever

Mom – I will for sure have Abbi send a scripture mastery. Why don’t you open both packages. There are some things that will probably be better the sooner you open it.

Is there anything else you need, want or wish you had?

A – no not really but thanks so much

are you sure you want me to open it

Mom – Ya. We will just send more in hopes that it arrives for Christmas. If there is something you’d like, we’d love to send it.

Tell me, how’s the new camera?

A – its working great

Mom – How do you feel like you’re adjusting? What’s the best part? Hardest part?

A – i feel like im adjusting great. best is teaching, hardest when people dont commit or go to church

Mom – That is a good assessment. We will pray for the people.

How’s the language coming?

Are you gaining/losing any weight?

A – its coming i feel a lot better about it

at one point i was up 7 but im not sure what im at now

i think im leveling but i want to gain more

Mom – How are you getting along with your comps? Any idea how long you might be in that area?

A – comps are great

have to go now

love you

have a great week.