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Monday, January 19, 2015


So this week has been really good.

We have been trying really hard to find new investigators to teach this week. We have had a lot of really cool experiences and I am having a lot of fun teaching with Elder B.
This week we had an awesome experience. We have been teaching a family for a little bit now and we have been mostly focusing on a now recent convert. He is really postive and loves the church a lot. We started to focus a little bit more on his parents and it has been awesome. This week we talked about the first vision and it was so awesome. The spirit was so strong and you could tell that they could feel it. When we said the closing prayer, both the parents’ eyes were watering. I love these experiences.
It’s great working with Elder B. He is such a hard worker and it’s awesome to have a comp with the same ideas of what needs to get done. The only down fall to this is that I feel like my Spanish is getting a little worse. Hahah. But we are working on that.
Love you all so much and have a great week.
Elder Wagstaff


Mom – You sound like things are going well. You can feel the enthusiasm in your update. Is the fam you are teaching the same one as the 11-year-old boy…did he get baptized?

A – ya it’s the same guy and he did get baptized this week

Mom – That’s awesome about the boy and his family! How many zones are in the mission? How many missionaries are in your zone?

A – I think there are 6 zones, about 30 missionaries in my zone

Mom – Fun fact: Did you know that Nicaragua is about 300 miles across from east to west? That’s about the same distance from SLC to St. George.

What have you done today?

A – we played basketball with our district

Mom – Are the people overall receptive to your message or are they hard to share the gospel with?

A – They are super receptive the hard part is trying to figure out who really cares and who just wants to talk

Mom – I am sure that is a real challenge…Curious how many shirts do you wear each week if you are down to 6 and some need to be laundered…how does that work?

A – let’s just say my collars can get pretty brown at times

Mom – Hopefully you will get your new ones that we mailed soon.

A – love you tons have to go