my week

Monday, November 10, 2014

So I’m not sure why, but this week our area was kind of hard to work in. The people went from being super accepting to not wanting to have anything to do with us. Of course this is not true with everyone, but we got shut down a ton this week. But I’m super optimistic that this coming week is going to be so much better and we are going to find a ton of new investigators.

I had the opportunity to work with one of my comps and an assistant to the president this week. We got to go around to people that had baptisms for that week and take around a packet that had stuff like a magazine and other stuff that had to do with baptism. It was way cool because you get to be way excited for them and it’s awesome to see how excited they get over this packet. It was a way awesome experience.

Saturday we had a baptism and it was a little crazy. When we went to go prep the fount (font) for baptism, we got about 4 inches of water in the fount and then the water in the pipes ran dry. It was a few moments of panic because we somehow didn’t have a person to baptize also. After many calls, we finally moved the baptism to a different church and everything worked out fine. It was a pretty strange experience.

Also on Saturday there was a birthday in one of the families that we are really close to. When we went over to their house to wish her a happy birthday we did the same thing we do in my house in Utah. We went around saying what we liked about her and why she is special. It was awesome to have something that related myself back to home.

It’s been a great week here in Nica and hope all is well there.
Love you all so much,
-Elder Wagstaff


ya, I have a pretty great district

Mom – You sound great, despite the fact that you had a few setbacks. I was just reading a study from Harvard on happiness and health. Turns out a positive outlook can prevent a lot of issues. 🙂

How is everything? Anything you need?

A – things are great.

no i bought a camera today

Mom – Wahoo for the camera! What did you find? What kind did you get? Where did you get it? 

A – got it from an appliance store.

sony w800 for 4700 cords i feel like it was a ton of money

Mom – That is great. Now you can snap away! Thanks for making it happen. Glad you don’t have to worry about finding a camera any more.

Have you received any letters or packages that we’ve mailed?

Did you see the Christmas card photos? Are you good with them?

A – no i have not yet. but pres russell said to only use united postal service. because usually this is the safest.

ya im good with all the pics

Mom – That is helpful. Everything we’ve mailed has been through the USPS, so hopefully you’ll get it.

Who did you baptize this week? What is their conversion story?

A – LC, has been super positive throughout the entire process

Mom – That is fabulous! 

How are your companions? How is the elder from Utah doing?

A – he is doing really good. he seems to never stop talking but he is good

Mom – Glad he is doing well. Funny!

What about your Spanish? How did it go for you this week?

A – poco a poco.

Mom – Haha. You are going to be fine! It will come.

How’s the weather? Still super hot?

A – It actually has felt a lot cooler to me. still hot but im not constantly sweating buckets

Mom – Well that is good. Sweating buckets is never fun. I saw my first snowflakes today…blue skies with a few flurries.

What do you like most about being a missionary?

A – simply bringing people closer to Christ and helping them live happier

Mom – Verdad! You are so right. What an experience you are having!

Anything new on the menu this week? Do you guys make any of your own food?

A – rice and beans

i got to have mcdonalds today so that was a plus

Mom – That is exciting! Big Mac? Or what did you order?

What did you do for pday today?

A – played basketball. just a hamburger

Mom – Do you mostly do referrals or go contacting?

A – mostly contacting.

have to go now but i love you so much

have a great week