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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So I have now had a full week in the office!!

workin hard

workin hard

The office life is so much different from the typical missionary life.

I am trying to learn so much stuff right now in the office and I feel like the information I’m getting is like a fire hose and I’m just trying to open wide to get as much in as I can. The office life consists of starting to work in the office at around 9 in the morning, going to lunch at about 12, then finishing the office day at around 3 or 4 (if we are lucky…there are a few nights where we have been here until 6 or 7). Then after that we go out and do normal missionary stuff, working in the streets and all. Mom, you would be happy to know that we make a lot of charts. haha. It’s such a different pace that I will have to learn to get used to. I’m happy where I am and I am learning so much.

My new area is really awesome. The members here like to work with the missionaries and there is a lot of ward support. I don’t really understand how it works, but this area is extremely blessed. We don’t work a lot in the area, but people like to show up to church on Sunday and are very receptive to our message. I am so happy to be apart of the ward of San Judas.

This week I was really pumped because I got to sit behind the wheel of a car for the first time in almost 11 months. It was such an awesome feeling.

Today we went to a volcano in Masaya. It was really awesome to see the wonders of Nicaragua.


volcano selfie

volcano selfie

Love you all,

Elder Wagstaff

  • What was the volcano like? Who did you go with? The volcano was really awesome. I went with my comps and the APs.
  • What are your comps like? My comps are awesome.
  • Has it been raining a ton? What’s that like? It has been raining a ton here and when it rains all the roads are basically like rivers.
  • Are you more or less tired working in the office? It’s a different tired. It’s hard to say.
  • How many people do you work with in the office? Any senior couples? There is a senior couple that works here, Elder and Sister B. I have my two comps and also right now there are 2 other missionaries here, but they will probably leave soon.
  • Would you say your life is more civilized in the office? What would you compare it to? I really feel like it’s a job. Wake up and go to work.
  • Do you hear much from your other areas, being in the office? How does that all work? I call other areas a lot and talk with a lot of missionaries.
  • What kinds of investigators are you working with? We are working with a lot of investigators right now. We are working with someone named O. I have only had a few lessons with him, but he is probably 50 years old and doesn’t have a family.
  • What do you love about being a missionary this week? What’s been the biggest challenge? I love everything I have been learning. I honestly feel like this is a job. On Mondays we have staff meeting with President. I am learning tons. The biggest challenge is getting used to the change.
  • How was it driving? What kind of car? How good/bad are the drivers? Where did you go? The driving is awesome. I haven’t done a ton, but a few times this past week. Toyota Hilux. The drivers here are terrible. We go all over, but mostly in Managua.
  • Will you need to get a Nica drivers license or not? Are you considered a Nica citizen? I don’t think I’ll get a Nica license, but who knows. I have a Nica ID though.